FilmDagar onsdag 12 - söndag 16 februari 2018

Bergman 100 - Rädsla, uppror, glädje

With his many films and theatre plays Ingmar Bergman, 100 years 2018, stands out as a remarkable director. In renewing cinema in the post-war period, he makes use of his personal character to create dramas of both tension and joy. Filmklubben presents on these Filmdays three films very different from each others.


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HETS/Torment Alf Sjöberg, screenwriter Ingmar Bergman Sverige 1944, 136 min
A sadistic school teacher nicknamed Caligula by his students, and seemingly inspired by Bergman’s real life father, teaches latin at a Stockholm high school. The fact that his cruel way of teaching awakes the students hate against him doesn´t seem to bother him. That is, until things go too far, thus revealing an entirely different side of him.

Introduction by Magnus Ingvarsson, Lund
Editor and advisor of Filmklubben

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GYCKLARNAS AFTON/Sawdust and Tinsel
Ingmar Bergman, Sverige 1953, 93 min
The travelling cirkus is in a decadent state without hope for the future. Humiliations and poverty follows, it seems to be the end. But is it? Is there not also joy possibilites in life and play that goes beyond expectations?
17.30 DINNER Bring a small thing for the table, please!

19.30 TROLLFLÖJTEN/The magic flute
Ingmar Bergman, Sverige 1974, 92 min
The classic opera by Mozart made alive again through the interpretation of Bergman. In an interesting take where we watch both scene and audience in an attempt to explore the “noble magic of the illusory  theater” Bergman creates something new, but still stays true to the original.

Bergman 100- fear, revolt, joy

by Magnus Ingvarson, editor, Lund


Ingmar Bergman was the first to treat existential issues on the silver screen. What Dostoyevsky is to literature, Bergman is to cinema. On his 100th year, Sweden celebrates its greatest artist, and Domino joins in.
As the son of a Lutheran priest, Bergman
s narrative often takes the form of religious doubt, themes of humiliation and, eventually, the search of a dignity within the human spirit, beyond a burdensome notion of God. But as previous discussions in Domino FilmForum have shown, Bergman never really leaves the Christian realm, and his world famous atheism is, on a closer look, not that convincing.
On a psychological level, Bergman depicts the constant, inescapable interplay between
layered human masks, put on for protection but causing personal breakdown.
But be not fooled. The play, and indeed even the mask, carries
also joy. Fundamentally, Bergman is a man of the theatre, with a loving embrace of all its genres from drama to comedy. This becomes evident not the least in the festive adaptation of The Magic Flute, not to be missed.
Cinematographically, Bergman was daringly innovative. In
Summer with Monika (1953), an actor (Harriet Andersson) for the first time in the history of cinema makes eye-contact with the audience. The close-up of the human face is, in Bergmans view, the true soul of film, and his zooming technique vitalised the intimate co-operation with the actors, which became legendary.
Sawdust and Tinsel
and Torment were shot 65 and 74 years ago. They still speak to us. This is to say: Bergman made films in black and white, but we can see the colours.


FilmHöst 2018

Att lita på - filmer av Kelly Reichardt

In the films of Kelly Reichardt we meet with people facing exceptional situations where trust is questioned. The storytelling is seemingly minimalist, days passing by with everyday events, but these are standing in front of the dramatic background. Reichardt takes no interest in telling the meaning of the plot: “That goes against everything that I just worked for. So I have no interest in summing it all up. It’s all out there”, as she says in an interview 2014. Life is interesting enough if you stay with it.


Kelly Reichardt, USA 2008, 80 min
During the financial crisis of 2008, a woman and her dog attempt a travel to Alaska in search for work, scarce in America due to the crisis. The journey turns out to be full of obstacles but help also arrives, although not the way one might expect it to.

Kelly Reichardt, USA 2010, 98 min
A group of settlers are traveling through the American frontier in
search for a better life. However, they soon find themselves lost and without a proper guide in the desert with their water supply running low, that is until they capture a native American that could help them. But can he be trusted?

Kelly Reichardt, USA 2013, 112 min
A band a young friends engaged in societal questions takes their action. Good intentions, but how about the results? An action movie of a different kind.