Filmklubben Sandgatan 8 är en plats främst för unga vuxna och studenter i Lund och Malmö för att se och diskutera film hos Dominikanerna på Sandgatan 8 i Lund. Även andra är också välkomna. Vi ser filmer som kan ge underlag för reflektion, filmer som är gjorda med engagemang. Det vi söker är inte film med “budskap” eller ren underhållning, men som närmar sig världen med nyfikenhet och öppen blick.
Bra film fördjupar livet. Där finns det som inte går att förklara, människans och världens mysterium, alla lager av verklighet. En sanning, gömd i den vanliga världen, kan framträda in te minst i de diskussioner som följer på varje film. Under några år har vi sett film bland annat av Andrej Tarkovsky, Robert Bresson, Hirokazo Kore-eda,  Ingmar Bergman, Erik Rohmer, Bo Widerberg, Debra Granik, Kelly Reickhardt och många andra. . Vi blandar “svårare” och “enklare” filmer, svenskt och annat - alltid med engelsk undertext.
Höst och vår har vi under en följd av år anordnat FilmDagar med ett valt tema, ett bra tillfälle att se flera filmer av en regissör och gå in och undersöka hans värld.

Programansvariga för Filmklubben 2021 är Magnus Ingvarsson, Viggo Johnsson, Daniel Markus  och Björn Engdahl, dominikanbroder

Alltid introduktion före och samtal  efter filmen, vanligtvis på engelska/ always introduction before the film and discussion afterwards

English subtitles to all films.

Medlemsskap i Filmklubben, 80 Skr för 2020, tecknas på plats / Membership 80 SEK for all films 2021 registration at the entrance

Filmklubben anordnas i samarbete med Dominikanerna, Domino katolska studenter och Bilda

Discussion after all films



  Adventure in The biggest little farm. An new or perhbs old kind of listening

19.30 Fog of war
Errol Morris, USA 2003, 107 min
Exploring the topics of war, failure and knowledge, controversial American secretary of defense (1961-1968) Robert McNamara shares eleven lessons from his long career in business and politics in this Academy Award winning documentary.  Having witnessed recently the US failure in Afghanistan this film gains new actuality. 

19.30 Our biggest little farm
John Chester, USA, 2019, 92 min
A young couple leave their urban life of living to persuit a life in harmony with nature by developing a sustainable farm in the Californian wilderness.



Three films Wednesday Nov 10th - Sunday Nov 14th
Maybe the people in the modern world are more than at any other point in history subject to constant change. We are expected to adapt to new technology, new societal structures and political ideas spreading faster than ever before. While we today in some sense might be uniquely subject to the force of change we are however not the first to deal with the issues and questions the movement of time entails.
From the ancient philosopher Parmenides, who claimed that time was an illusion, as it otherwise would have been impossible to ever know anything about the world, to Marx and Engels’ claim in the communist manifesto that capitalist society results in a state where “all that is solid turns into air, all that is sacred is profaned”, thinkers and artists have throughout history examined the concept of time. This semester the Filmklubben Sandgatan 8 explores this topic through three films that in their own ways portray humans dealing with a world changing around them.
Introductions before and discussions after the films. Dinner at 18.00 on Sunday, before the film - please join with something to share with others

19.30 Bicycle thieves
Vitorio de Sica, Italy 1948, 89 min
Watch one of the neo-realist classics, at the same time heartfelt, funny and socially committer. Awarded an Oscar it was however considered a communist movie. In 1940s Italy you needed a bike to work - in sweden 2021, you stil need it (at Foodora).

19.30 Koyaanisqatsi by Godfrey Reggio, USA 1983, 82 min
Enter this space-time-story with all your senses. An exuberant, intense experience on the beauty of life threatened and mistreated, but still flourishing beneath. An important film, in film history and still today. Look at these people at Times Square - is it not us? The music by Philip Glass follows closely the pictures.

19.30 The remains of the day
by James Ivory, United Kingdom, 1993, 134 min
A butler who sacrified body and soul to service in the years leading up to World War II realizes too late how misguided his loyalty was to his lordly employer..


19.30 First cow
Kelly Reickhardt , USA 2019, 122 min
An American story with warmth and friendship but also vulnerability and tragedy. A Western of another kind, no heroes and no glory. We meet with a USA where old and new values are confronted. A story of our time.