Filmklubben Sandgatan 8 är en plats främst för unga vuxna och studenter i Lund och Malmö för att se och diskutera film hos Dominikanerna på Sandgatan 8 i Lund. Även andra är också välkomna. Vi ser filmer som kan ge underlag för reflektion, filmer som är gjorda med engagemang. Det vi söker är inte film med “budskap” eller ren underhållning, men som närmar sig världen med nyfikenhet och öppen blick.
Bra film fördjupar livet. Där finns det som inte går att förklara, människans och världens mysterium, alla lager av verklighet. En sanning, gömd i den vanliga världen, kan framträda in te minst i de diskussioner som följer på varje film. Under några år har vi sett film bland annat av Andrej Tarkovsky, Robert Bresson, Hirokazo Kore-eda,  Ingmar Bergman, Erik Rohmer, Bo Widerberg, Debra Granik, Kelly Reickhardt och många andra. . Vi blandar “svårare” och “enklare” filmer, svenskt och annat - alltid med engelsk undertext.
Höst och vår har vi under en följd av år anordnat FilmDagar med ett valt tema, ett bra tillfälle att se flera filmer av en regissör och gå in och undersöka hans värld.

Programansvariga för Filmklubben 2021 är Magnus Ingvarsson, Viggo Johnsson, Daniel Markus  och Björn Engdahl, dominikanbroder

Alltid introduktion före och samtal  efter filmen, vanligtvis på engelska/ always introduction before the film and discussion afterwards

English subtitles to all films.

Medlemsskap i Filmklubben, 80 Skr för 2021-22, tecknas på plats / Membership 80 SEK for all films 2021-22, registration at the entrance

Filmklubben anordnas i samarbete med Dominikanerna, Domino katolska studenter och Bilda

Discussion after all films




Realism+1 - Five Sundays for Film

19.30 Umberto D
Vittorio De Sica, Italy 1952, 1h19 min, starring Carlo Battisti, Maria Pia Casilio, Lina Gennari
Umberto D, a poor elderly man in Rome, is desperately trying to keep his rented room. His landlady is evicting him and his only true friends, the housemaid and his dog Flike, are of no help. A neo-realist film with mostly non-proffessional actors. An historically and aestetically interesting film.
Introduction Daniel Landing


19.30 On the way to school
Pascal Plisson, documentary, France 2013, 1h17 min
Jackson, Zahira, Samuel and Carlito are all children who live in different countries but have something in common: they have to travel a long road full of obstacles to reach their school.
Introduction Baptiste Lambert


19.30 Blade Runner
Ridley Scott, USA, 1h57 min, starring Harrison Ford, Sean Young
Follow a police officer on a destructive journey through a world located in the near future that feels familiar, yet at the same time, distant, strange and disturbing, in this sci-fi classic.
Introduction Viggo Johnsson


19.30 The Son
Jean-Pierre & Luc Dardenne, Belgium 2002, 1h39 min, starring Olivier Gourmet
A carpenter receives a new apprentice at the rehab center. How could they handle their common difficult past? A low-key, tense, realist film to discuss and remember.
Introduction br Björn Engdahl


Jean-Pierre & Luc Dardenne, Belgium 2016, 1h53 min, starring Adèle Haenel
A doctor becomes (sort of) witness to a crime. The experience can’t put her to ease, so she starts an investigation of her own. What does the doctor’s oath demand, what is the responsibility of a witness?
Introduction Magnus Ingvarsson


Filmvecka 1 - 5 februari   

Mercury time - Luchino Visconti

Mercury is the liquid metal: viscous, vicious, veracious—fluid, yet integer. Like time… Mercury is also a messenger, a messenger of the Roman gods. Our messenger here is Count Don Luchino Visconti di Modrone (1906–76), one of the most renowned Italian filmmakers. Come and hear him out.
Mandatory information about Visconti’s biography is that he was a nobleman, a communist, and gay—not the most normal mix of personal traits in mid-20th-century Italy. He is regarded as a precursor to neo-realism, but himself denounced a relationship to that movement. Instead, he developed a style very much his own: melodramatic, vibrant, elegant, very expressful and psychological. He often portrays the decline of the nobility, a subject matter of which his knowledge was second to none. The Visconti House is one of the oldest and most revered in Italy; for instance the Cathedral of Milan was built by an ancestor. But Luchino Visconti understood the inevitability of change (and the poision of time, mercury time), reflected in both his art and his personal life. He left a military career under Mussolini, went to Paris to discover Communism and to assist Jean Renoir in his filmmaking. He returned to Italy and created masterpiece after masterpiece for  the silver screen. His films are legendarily long and overacted. But don’t be freightened or fooled. There is a bold rationale to all these manners, and there you can find stark insight.
He smoked 120 cigarrettes a day, and in 1972 suffered brain haemorrhage. In spite of declining health, he still managed to perform additionally two movies before his death. Evidently his expressive needs and powers were great. Discover Visconti. Experience the mercury of time—and learn to protect yourself.
Magnus Ingvarsson, Lund


19.30 Conversation piece
Italy 1974, 2h1 min, starring Burt Lancaster, Helmut Berger, Silvana Mangano
A wealthy and reserved professor is confronted by the realities of the post-1968-world when he rents out his upstairs apartment to a group of youths, exposing a clash of generations and values.
Introduction Daniel Markus


Professor of Cinema Studies, Stockholm
followed by
Italy 1943, 2h20 min. starring Clara Caramai, Massimo Girotti
A passion leading to murder. Realism and melodrama are mixed in the second film by Visconti. Made in fascist time with problems of censorship it gives a picture of Italy not appreciated by the regime.


18.00 Dinner
19.30 The Leopard

Italy 1963, 3h6min, starring BurtLancaster, Claudia Cardinale, Alain Delon
What does it take to remain on top? Follow the struggle of the gentry of Salinas in 1860s Italy. In all senses, a very big film. The favourite of Martin Scorsese. Also recognized by the Vatican in 1995.
Introduction by Magnus Ingvarsson