Söndagen 28 augusti kl 19.30
by Ingmar Bergman, Sweden 1957, 1h 36m, starring Max von Sydow, Bibi Andersson, Nils Poppe
The most famous film from this part of the world. Set in the Middle Ages, it interprets the knight Antonius Block’s struggle with Death (who here got his iconic presence with the white face and stern look). Inspired by his father’s sermons in church, this production helped Bergman to overcome his own fear of dying.


Fredag 23 september kl 19.30
by Aki Kaurismäki, Finland 2002, 1h 37m
A man loses his identity and memory after being assaulted in a park which causes him
to being a new life living in community among the poor until his past finally catches
up with him. A humorously dry finnish drama set in Helsinki.

Fredag 28 oktober kl 19.30
by Gabriel Axel, Denmark 1987, 1h 43m, starring Stéphane Audran
In this drama set in 19th century Denmark it turns out that the greatest threat to the pious puritan convictions of two sisters is not promises of vanity, fame or relationships with men but rather the haute cuisine of France.



Söndag 11 december kl 19.30
by Philip Gröning, documentary Germany 2005, 2h 49
Le grand Chartreuse in France, is a monastry of hermit munks living in complete silence. This film gives no description of their lives, but invites us to understand their silence from within. What is hidden and revealed in the silence?


FILMDAGAR 9 - 13 november

Like a rolling stone – films by Jim Jarmusch
With his second film Stranger than paradise Jim Jarmush came to personify the existential position of a new generation. The 1968 era of belief in change of society through political action belonged to the past. Society seemed dissolving with make-money-individualism of neo-liberalism as background. Stranger than paradis is post-punk, original and elegant and at the same time is undermining this story, as are the other Jarmusch films.


Arriving in New York in 1977 Jim Jarmusch, a 23 years old artistic musician discovered a city at the edge of collaps, dirty and violent. Large zones of destitute industrial and residential areas of great poverty formed the background to a vibrant artistic scene. This is the world of Jim Jarmusch and his films consequently pays no interest in the career people. His characters responds to an immediate situation, passive, lonely. It´s a reversed American Dream, a failed individualism where places look the same and where nothing much is happening.


And yet, life flows. The succeding shots are vaguely disconnected like in a collage containing minimal stories of their own. Societal disslution is contrasted with a filmic formal beauty filled with rythm and joy. The pictural rythm is phrased by remarkable music. In each film we screen the arrival of a stranger makes a stone start rolling, and play is on. The foreigner, speaking his incomprehensive language enters and induces humanity and surprise in life.


Onsdag 9 november kl 19.30
USA 1995, 2h 01m, starring Johnny Depp
William, who is on the run from the law, is forced to undergo a vision quest
after being rescued by a native American who is convinced that he is
the reincarnation of the poet William Blake. The improvised storytelling
helps us relate to Williams confusion and truly makes it worthy of the genre
title "acid western".

Fredag 11 november
DOWN BY LAWJim Jarmusch, USA, 1986, 107 min
Three prisoners escape and, however very different, they must collaborate.
But this film is not about plot – instead about chance, made with a rare sense
of freeform creativity. Thus an anti-Hollywood effort, typical of early
Jarmusch: adventurous, unexpected, quirky.


Söndag 13 november

18.15 DINNER

We share a meal before the last film - please bring small things to share, that will make up a dinner


kl 19.30


USA 1984, 1h19

Willie and his friend Eddie live carefree lives in New York without much purpose when Willie’s cousin Eva becomes his unwanted visitor. Eva disturbs the stagnation and together the trio sets out in search of something. America has never been this boring, the film is not.